Yoder Smokers Half Depth Shelf

Yoder Smokers Half Depth Shelf


Give Yourself More Room To Work With The Yoder Smokers Half Depth Shelf


The ability to cook in high heat directly over the flame is one of the biggest advantages of Yoder Smokers pellet grills. This makes for a great reverse sear as well as allowing for cooking in multiple heat zones. When moving food around, you need plenty of room to work. A full-size shelf is perfect for smoking, but when grilling it can get in the way and make it more difficult to turn your food. It can also prevent you from reaching the back of the grill without burning yourself. The Yoder Smokers Half Depth Shelf clears the way and allows you better access to your main grilling space.


  • Allows both viewable and functional access to the back of the grill on your main grate.
  • Allows you to roast vegetables while grilling other items directly over the fire below.
  • Creates a safe area out of the fire to move food to when cooking a lot of food at once.
  • Slides in and out on the welded rails for easy removal and the ability to move food forward and back. This allows better placement over the heat and the ability to bring everything closer to safely remove from the grill.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty expanded metal just like the full-size shelf.
  • 9" depth leaves plenty of room for grilling and warming on the upper shelf.

Why Would I Use A Smaller Shelf To Do More?

We get it. Using a smaller shelf so you can do more is counter-intuitive, but it works. Time and time again, we hear from people that they were skeptical about how much they would use the half depth shelf only to later find that they leave half depth shelf in the grill as their primary shelf and only use the full-size shelf when smoking. Below are some reviews from people who have tried it.



Customer Reviews:

What!! A half shelf, I thought this is crazy. The large shelf the Yoder comes with is all I need. Wrong, yep, half is better. When I had ribs on the lower level and wings on the upper rack I could check the ribs but, it was difficult and if it was anything else such as a rib roast, forget about it. Even taking the full rack out limits the use of the upper cooking area. So, I ordered this half rack and yes, half is better. No problem getting to those items on the cooking rack below and this is as solidly made as the upper rack. The Yoder itself is the best thing I ever purchased for smoking and I do a lot of it. Do not wait on this item just get it and you will agree, half is better and in this case good. Thanks, Yoder for those high-quality products made in the good old US of A.

Anthony P


"The rack fits great and slides well and most importantly it gives me the extra grilling space that I wanted."

Robert C Kankakee


Perfect for better access to lower main smoker surface, but still provides additional space for upper shelf. Great addition for versatility and optional configurations!

John M 


Sometimes Less Is More:

The Yoder Smokers Half Depth Shelf provides the space to take even more advantage of the grill's versatility. This allows more elbow room at the front of the grill, improves dexterity at the back of the grill, and gives you the confidence to cook at high temperatures like a pro. And that's always a good thing!

Happy Grilling!