Introducing the YS640s Storage Drawer Accessory

Introducing the YS640s Storage Drawer Accessory


The new Yoder Smokers Storage Drawer offers convenient storage for all your cooking supplies, is built to last and installs easily.

Yoder Smokers takes pride in listening to customers and providing them with the products they need to enhance their grilling experience. It was with this in mind that they developed the Storage Drawer Accessory for the YS640s on a standard cart. This often-requested accessory provides storage space for your grilling essentials, keeping them organized and easy to reach and helping you cook distraction-free so you can focus on creating great meals.

So, why is the Storage Drawer Accessory a must-have for the YS640S?

  • The Storage Drawer fits seamlessly underneath the main cooking chamber of the YS640S. 
  • The Storage Drawer can help you save time and frustration when you're cooking by helping you keep your grilling area organized, clean and tidy. It provides a convenient place to store grilling tools, cooking grates, rubs and other necessary items. Mise en place!   
  • The 304 stainless steel front adds a nice touch to your grill.  
  • A built-in drip rail keeps grease and splashes off stored items.   
  • The full enclosure keeps heat out of the drawer as well as keeping dust and debris off your items stored in the drawer.   
  • A swing-down latch keeps the drawer closed.   
  • Hooks on the side and back provide easy access storage for your drip bucket and second shelf.  

Of course, the Storage Drawer Accessory wouldn't be a Yoder Smokers product if it didn't meet high standards for quality and durability. This accessory is built to last with 304 stainless steel hardware and all non stainless parts are powder coated with 1200° rated coating.    

Additionally, the Storage Drawer Accessory is easy to install using two people with a simple bolt-on design that makes it a quick addition to your YS640s on the standard cart.  

Your grill is more than just a cooking tool - it's a lifestyle. With the new Yoder Smokers Storage Drawer Accessory, we're proud to help you take your grilling to the next level so you can make your outdoor cooking experience the best it can be.   

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