Yoder Smokers YS480 Universal Thermal Jacket

Yoder Smokers YS480 Universal Thermal Jacket

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Freezing temperatures, wind, sleet, or snow are not an issue with the Yoder Smokers insulating thermal jacket, creating true efficiency during those colder winter months. Each jacket is designed with five-layer thermal construction to prevent heat loss that occurs as the temperature outside begins to drop, and therefore reducing pellet usage. Insulating the body of the cooking chamber, the thermal jacket is ideal for smoking temperatures of 300°F and below. We recommend removing the three-piece thermal jacket for those cooks above 300°F, as it was specifically designed for smoking temperature ranges.


  • Universal fit for all YS480 and YS480s models
  • Insulates grill body for heat retention during freezing temps
  • Five-layer thermal construction
  • Use for smoking temps: 300°F and below
  • Remove for higher temp cooks, high heat can damage lining
  • Cannot be used in conjuction with the optional grease shield accessory

Chef Tom gives you an overview of the Yoder Smokers Thermal Jacket, including how to install it on your pit and just how it works to reduce pellet consumption during the harsh winter months.

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