8 Essential Grilling Tools for Barbecue Beginners

8 Essential Grilling Tools for Barbecue Beginners


If you recently bought a grill and are new to the grilling game, or if you received one as a gift and are ready to put it to work, here's a list of the best grill tools and grilling accessories you'll need to get started.

1. Chimney Starter

The Weber RapidFire chimney starter is an invaluable tool for charcoal grill owners--especially those who want to avoid lighter fluid. Get a fire going in just a few seconds by filling up the chimney, putting some crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the cylinder and touching a lit match underneath.

2. Duck Fat Spray

Trust us on this one. Spraying this Cornhusker Kitchen Duck Fat Cooking Spray on your grill grates or cast iron pans (see #3) is a fast and easy way to make sure your food never sticks to the cooking surface. You can also use it as a rub binder to help your meat hold onto its seasoning.

3. Cast Iron Pan

You can cook much more than just T-bone steaks and pork chops on a grill. With this 12" Lodge cast iron skillet, you can saute, sear or stir fry, and you can do it anywhere on any kind of grill. If you're new to cast iron, check out our guide to caring for cast iron and our 5 everyday cooking applications.

4. Tool Set

This stainless steel Broil King tool set has everything you need to handle your hot dogs, brats, burgers and steaks and even do some clean up afterwards. If you don't already have the best grill brush, spatula, set of tongs or basting brush, this high-quality set is a great way to get them all at once.

5. Digital Instant Read Thermometer

Instant read thermometers like the Fireboard Spark are an essential tool because meat has to be cooked to a specific temperature rather than for a set amount of time. Having a general idea of cook time is helpful, but you should definitely pay more attention to the thermometer than the clock.

6. Leather Heat Resistant Gloves

Because you'll be picking hot food off of hot grill grates, you're gonna need these long leather BBQ gloves. Designed to withstand the heat and help transfer foods from your pellet, charcoal or gas grill with ease, each glove gives you maximum coverage and protection. Plus you can use them for warmth during the winter grilling season!

7. Disposable Cutting Board

There's no need to shell out big money for a butcher block right off the bat. Keep your counter clean and make food transfer a breeze with this flexible, durable and best of all disposable cutting board. Not only that, it significantly cuts down on clean up.

8. Chef's Knife

You don't have to be a chef to use a chef's knife. This Swiss-made Victorinox 8" chef’s knife is perfect for chopping, mincing and dicing. The high-carbon stainless steel blade gives you maximum sharpness and retains its edge, and the slip-resistant handle makes it safe and easy to use. 


From start to finish and heat to plate, this collection of tools and accessories will help you hit the ground running as you begin your grilling journey. You can find a wealth of recipes, reviews, tips and hints on The Sauce, our barbecue blog. You’re welcome to give us a call or drop an email, too.

Our staff is filled with home cooks who use our products every day and would be happy to answer your questions.

Good luck and welcome to the club!