Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans

Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans

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Explore the culinary versatility of Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans—thin-skinned Borlotti beans renowned for their velvety texture. Perfect for crafting rich and indulgent bean broths, these beans offer a soft, dense consistency that results in a luxurious sauce, making them an ideal choice for classic Italian dishes like pasta e fagioli. Originating from Colombia and also known as Cacahuate beans in Mexico, these globally bred beans redefine your cooking experience.

Cooking Suggestions:

  • Minestrone Soups: Enhance the flavor and texture of your minestrone soups with the velvety goodness of Cranberry Beans.
  • Pasta e Fagioli (Pasta Fazool): Elevate classic Italian dishes like pasta e fagioli with the soft, dense texture and rich flavor profile of these versatile beans.
  • Soups: Infuse your soups with the unique characteristics of Cranberry Beans, adding depth and indulgence.
  • Casseroles: Create hearty and flavorful casseroles that showcase the luxurious sauce produced by these thin-skinned Borlotti beans.
  • New England Baked Beans: Reinvent New England baked beans with the distinctive flavor and velvety texture of Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans.

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Transform your culinary creations with Rancho Gordo Cranberry Beans—a versatile and globally beloved ingredient that brings a touch of luxury to your favorite dishes. Whether in soups, pasta e fagioli, casseroles, or New England baked beans, these beans promise a velvety and indulgent experience that enhances the flavor profile of every meal.

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