Rancho Gordo California Grown Wild Rice

Rancho Gordo California Grown Wild Rice

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Discover the distinct taste and chewy texture of Rancho Gordo California Grown Wild Rice—an often overlooked gem that adds a unique nutty flavor to your meals.

Distinguishable from conventional rice, wild rice isn't a true rice but rather an aquatic seed. Authentic wild rice is meticulously hand-threshed and notably renowned for production in regions like Minnesota and Canada. Rancho Gordo's cultivated variation of "wild" rice originates from a family farm in Northern California, offering a unique twist on this traditional grain.

Elevate everyday dishes by pairing it with beans and sautéed vegetables, creating a wholesome and satisfying meal.

Key Features:

  • California Grown: Hand-harvested in Northern California, Rancho Gordo's Wild Rice brings the freshness of local cultivation to your table.
  • Nutty Flavor and Chewy Texture: Experience a unique nutty flavor and a satisfyingly chewy texture, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Versatile Accompaniment: Pair with beans or sautéed vegetables for a well-rounded and flavorful dish.
  • Cooking Perfection: Cook for about an hour until the grain opens and reveals the white germ, ensuring the best results.
  • Aromatic Cooking: Enhance the flavor by cooking with aromatic vegetables and water, creating a robust foundation for your wild rice dishes.

Cooking Suggestions:

  • Serve with Beans or Roasted Vegetables: Create hearty meals by serving wild rice alongside beans or roasted vegetables.
  • Holiday Stuffing: Elevate holiday stuffing with the unique nuttiness and chewy texture of California Grown Wild Rice.
  • Bell Pepper Stuffing: Make a distinctive bell pepper stuffing by combining wild rice with ground beef and seasonal vegetables.

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