LEM Products Backwoods Bacon Cure Dry Rub

LEM Products Backwoods Bacon Cure Dry Rub

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Homemade bacon becomes a simple project. This package will cure 25 pounds of pork belly, and the end product will be the best bacon you have ever had. Make breakfast an event at home with your own home cured bacon.  9 oz. 

Seasoning Ingredients: salt, cane and brown sugar, sodium erythorbate 2.735 percent, sodium nitrite 0.60 percent, less than 1 percent sodium carbonate added as buffer, less than 2 percent propylene glycol added as an anti-cake.

Cure Ingredients: salt, sodium nitrite (6.25 percent), FD&C red #3 (for color) and less than 2 percent sodium silico aluminate added as a processing aid.

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