LEM Products Meat Cure, 4 oz

LEM Products Meat Cure, 4 oz

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LEM Products Meat Cure is a vital ingredient for anyone looking to safely and effectively cure meat at home. This curing mixture is meticulously formulated to ensure the preservation, color, and flavor enhancement of your meat products.

Containing the perfect blend of ingredients, LEM Products Meat Cure is designed to inhibit bacterial growth, prevent spoilage, and add that signature cured taste to your meats. Whether you're curing bacon, ham, jerky, or other meats, this cure provides the necessary safety and flavor profile for successful results.

Using LEM Products Meat Cure is straightforward. Simply follow the provided instructions for the specific meat you're curing, ensuring proper ratios and application methods. With this curing agent, you can confidently create delicious cured meats that are both safe and satisfying.

    4oz. bag

    Ingredients: salt, 6.25% sodium nitrite, FD&C red #3 (for color) and less than 2% sodium dioxide as a processing aid.

    Does not contain gluten or MSG.

    Chef Tom takes us step-by-step through the preparation process of curing hams.

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