How to make Pickled Hot Peppers

Pickled Hot Peppers


We’re taking a break from your regularly scheduled barbecue programming to bring you a fantastic addition to any number of your grilled and smoked foods, pickles. If there are two things the All Things Barbecue crew loves (outside of outdoor cooking), it’s pickles and peppers. So it only makes sense for us to share one of our pickle recipes with all of you!


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  • Comment Author: Nora

    Trying for the first time.
    How long should they be jarred before the best flavor eating them.

  • Comment Author: ATBBQ

    Hey Susan, the timing should not need to be adjusted. Enjoy and let us know how it goes!

  • Comment Author: Susan Buchanan

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for sharing your recipe. I have a basket of small and banana peppers. I would like to cut bananas into rings and halve the smaller peppers all in one jar. Will the water bath timing need to be adjusted? I’ll be using 750 ml canning jars. Thanks

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