Old School Kansas City Brisket

Old School Kansas City Brisket


Welcome to the heart of Kansas City barbecue, where tradition and flavor come together in Old School Kansas City Brisket. Begin with a 16 lb Creekstone Farms Prime Whole Brisket, slathered in Big Ricks Jalapeño Honey Mustard and seasoned with Plowboys Bovine Bold Beef Rub and Yoder Smokers Beef Rub. Place the brisket on your Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill at 200ºF, and let it smoke overnight for 8-12 hours. By morning, the brisket will have absorbed a rich smoky essence. Increase the smoker temperature to 250ºF and continue smoking until the internal temperature reaches 185ºF-190ºF, forming a mahogany bark. Separate the flat muscle from the point muscle, and for more bark, return to the smoker, or for juiciness, wrap in foil and continue cooking until probe tender at 205ºF. Rest the flat, dice the point into cubes, coat in Firebug Mild Grilling Sauce, and let the sauce set in the smoker for 20-30 minutes. Finally, slice the brisket and serve with extra sauce, offering a true taste of Kansas City barbecue tradition.



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