Mexican Chopped Brisket Recipe

Mexican Chopped Brisket


Who says cooking tender and juicy brisket on an offset smoker has to take all day? Chef Tom shows us how to make Mexican Chopped Brisket in under 4 hours on the Yoder Smokers 20" Loaded Wichita. You'll come back to this recipe often for tacos, sandwiches, and even as a salad topping. The possibilities are endless! Medium heat and bold flavor works for the entire family and makes a great dish to take to gatherings as well. Everyone will think you spent all night by the smoker, we promise not to tell them you didn't.




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  • Comment Author: Jesse at ATBBQ

    This recipe is comparable with a pulled pork. Its is a go-to at my house. Don’t sleep on the slaw!

  • Comment Author: joseph m mcfarlan

    I have to try this , I am doing a wedding cook for next weekend and he is doing a taco bar, this will be my brisket option, I have a lone star pellet grill and I will be using Charcoal pellets and some of the kings ford cumin and chile mixed in.
    I am doing a pulled pork as well do you have a similar reciepe for a bone in pork but ??

  • Comment Author: Jay Hanson

    Made this this weekend and made tacos with it, The best!!!!
    I have the freezer full so when its 20 below in January up here in Montana, we can do some brisket nachos!!!

    Thanks for the recipe.

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