Keep Your Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill Clean with a Grease Shield

Keep Your Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill Clean with a Grease Shield


The Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill Grease Shield 

Originally introduced in 2019, the Yoder Smokers Grease Shield has quickly become one of the most popular accessory items for the Yoder 480 and 640. In today’s economy, it is rare that a sub $100 investment provides so much value.

In this article, our team will share the top features and benefits of the Yoder Smokers Stainless Steel Grease Shield. It’s particularly fun to share tips like these that make your outdoor cooking and living a little less work so you can enjoy more time cooking and hanging with your family and friends.


What Makes the Grease Shield a Must-Have?

We all know that cooking is dirty business! In preparing our favorite foods, we use seasonings, sauces, and marinades that introduce salts, oils, and acids to the cooking environment. Crank up the heat, place the food on the grill and fats render and smoke is made.

While all of this is great for flavor, every time you open and close the door, whether you are loading the grill, turning the food, or removing the finished product, these airborne fats along with the salts, oils, and acids are running down the front of your grill, leaving a mess to be cleaned up after the cook is complete.


A Grease Shield Puts You in Control of the Mess

The grease shield slips over the lip of the cooking chamber and covers the front of the grill and terminates into a tray below the front shelf. Besides containing the mess and being easier to clean, the Grease Shield protects your grill's finish by keeping the mess (salt, oils, fats, and acids) off the front of the grill. This also makes it easier to clean up spills since you can remove the grease shield for easier cleaning. The grease shield catches debris in a tray under the front shelf and contains the mess, including keeping sauces, grease, and more off the floor, eliminating stains and slip hazards. This also keeps the mess off your patio floor.

Pro Tip: Take your grease shield off and use hot water from a sink or tub for easier cleaning.


It's a Simple Way to Make Your Grill Look Better Instantly

And then there’s the aesthetic. Trust us on this. The addition of the stainless steel on the front enhances the look of your Yoder. If you need to clear the purchase with your on-premise accountant (husband or wife), remind them that if the grill looks better, you will cook more, and if you cook more, they will have to cook less. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Pro Tip: Apply a couple of coats of wax on your grease shield before you install it. This will make cleanup as simple as wiping it down.