Focus On Precision With The FireBoard Spark Thermometer

Focus On Precision With The FireBoard Spark


Does the idea of cooking the Thanksgiving turkey have you sweating bullets? You’re not alone! Studies have shown that Thanksgiving is the most stressful meal of the year. What if we told you that the key to a great turkey is simply cooking to the proper internal temperature?

The difference between a perfect turkey and a dry turkey comes down to only five degrees, your best results require accurate knowledge of the internal temperatures at the deepest part of the breast. When the temperature deep in the turkey breast reaches 155 you should be planning on pulling your turkey soon. At a 350-degree set point, your turkey can go from ideal to dry very quickly. Let's explore how the FireBoard Spark thermometer helps you keep tabs on your cook every step of the way.

What is the FireBoard Spark?

The FireBoard Spark is a smart instant-read thermometer with external probe capability and cloud connectivity. It works in conjunction with all FireBoard products as well as ACS equipped Yoder Smokers pellet grills. It is rechargeable via a USB-C connection, so you are never far from a full battery.

While many thermometers perform only one function, the FireBoard Spark is one device that does the work of several devices within your cooking environment. Let's dig in and find out why the ATBBQ team loves the FireBoard Spark so much.

Wireless Connectivity and FireBoard Cloud Integration:

The FireBoard Spark connects to the mobile app using Bluetooth or WiFi. Once connected, the Spark works with the FireBoard Cloud storing all temperature readings in real-time. This allows you to watch temperature trends while on the go and set custom alerts through the app. It also saves your cooking sessions for future reference.

Yoder Owners: The Spark integrates with the FireBoard app you are already using. When connected, it shows up as an External Probe just under your pit temp with your other probes. You can set temperature alerts giving another layer of protection against running out of pellets. It can even warn of accidental grill power outages since the Spark runs on its own internal battery.

Multiple Probe Support:

The folding Type K probe thermometer provides instant temperature information. Another port on the side connects with FireBoard compatible meat probes for constant monitoring. Both probes on the Spark are capable of reading temperatures simultaneously.

Yoder Owners: The meat probes supplied with Yoder Smokers pellet grills work with the Sparks external probe port.

Quick and Precise Readings:

The Spark provides quick and accurate temperature readings, ensuring your dishes cook to perfection and reach the desired levels of doneness.

For Yoder Owners: Add more precision to your grill by using a FireBoard Spark ambient probe to monitor temperature on your cooking grates.

Build A Home BBQ Network

All FireBoard devices connect to within the FireBoard app. Monitor more than one grill at the same time using only one app.

For Yoder Owners: Adding a Spark allows you to keep tabs on an offset smoker, charcoal grill, or your indoor oven at the same time you are using your pellet smoker.

Monitoring Your Cooks with Sync Mode:

FireBoard Spark ConnectedSync Mode transforms the Spark into a remote FireBoard display. This allows you to view all FireBoard devices without opening the app so you can watch all your probes at a glance.

For Yoder Owners: Yoder Smokers pellet grills equipped with ACS controllers and connected to the FireBoard app will snyc with the FireBoard Spark. This allows you to use your Spark to always know what your grill is doing without adding other FireBoard products.

Final Thoughts:

The FireBoard Spark stands as a testament to modern technology's integration into the art of cooking. Used in tandem with the Yoder Smokers ACS System, the FireBoard Spark is a game-changer putting your most important cooking information at your fingertips. This instant and accurate information gives you more control over your cook providing you with results you can repeat over and over. You never have to guess again!

Happy Grilling!