Enhancing Your YS640 or YS480 with Stainless Steel Shelf Sleeves

Enhancing Your YS640 or YS480 with Stainless Steel Shelf Sleeves



Let's explore one of the first upgrades that many Yoder Smoker owners make to their YS640 and YS480 grilling setup: the Yoder Smokers Stainless Steel Shelf Sleeves. Available for the front shelf and the side shelf and installed over your existing wire shelves, they offer a more stable surface to rest items on as well as improve the look and function of your grill.

A Sleeker Look: Making Your Smoker Shine

One of the great things about these sleeves is how they make your smoker look more polished. The high quality 304 stainless-steel material gives a sleek and modern appearance to the shelves. Once they're on, you'll notice a smooth and tidy surface that not only looks good but is also easier to keep clean.

Cleaning: Less Hassle Equals More Time to Grill

Cleaning your smoker is important, but it can be a bit of a chore. The Stainless-Steel Shelf Sleeves provide a flat and smooth surface that is a breeze to clean. These sleeves don't have tricky gaps where food can get stuck or fall through onto your patio. A quick wipe and your smoker will be ready for the next grilling session.

Improved Functionality: A Steady Base for Your Grilling Adventures

Stability is important when you're grilling. You don't want items falling off or through your shelves. Stainless steel shelves offer a solid and stable platform for your grilling items. From delicate sauce bottles to beverages and bowls, these sleeves make sure everything stays in place while you work. Tool hooks on the side shelves also keep your spatula, tongs and brushes out of the way and easy to reach.



People Who Have Tried The Stainless Steel Front And Side Shelf Sleeves Tell Us...

Ken D

I purchased both the Front Shelf and the Side Shelf for my YS640S. There was nothing wrong with the chrome wire shelves that came with my Yoder but these prevent drips reaching the ground/deck when moving food in and out of the smoker, plus they are easier to clean. They fit perfectly and are simple to attach using two small bolts with washers and self locking nuts for each shelf. There are a few spots where the sheet metal is a little sharp (underneath) so a little care should be taken. The hardest and most time consuming part of the install was getting the protective plastic sheeting off the shelves after installation (I'm not exaggerating, this stuff is bullet proof).


David L

Yoder Smokers YS640 and YS640S Stainless Steel Front Shelf Sleeve Really like the ease of cleaning. Easy to put on. Good quality stainless steel. Verified Customer (5 Stars) John B I am proud to be a Yoder YS640 owner and user! After more than a year of contemplation and research I am so glad I “pulled the trigger” and bought this system. It is so good and so well made. Everything about this smoker and components like the SS Shelf reflect craftsmanship and excellent engineering…and it’s Made in the USA!! Thanks Yoder!!!



Wrapping It Up: Making Grilling More Enjoyable

In a nutshell, the Yoder Smokers Stainless Steel Shelf Sleeves for YS640 and YS480 are a smart upgrade that can improve your grilling experience. They give your smoker a polished look, make cleaning a breeze, and provide a stable surface for all your grilling creations (and maybe a drink or two...). We hope you have a blast creating tasty meals on your enhanced grill!

Happy Grilling!