American Royal BBQ Competition 2012

American Royal BBQ Competition 2012


It's October which means that football is in full swing, the leaves are changing color, and the world's biggest barbecue competition, The American Royal, is here! We traveled up with the Yoder Smokers crew and had a chance to talk with attendees about the new YS1320 (Now the YS1500) pellet grill which is like no other pellet grill on the market! The YS1320 has the famed heat management system out of the Yoder wood burning pits, giving cooks the ability to control heat across the pit like no other pellet smoker on the market.

We also had a chance to walk around and hand out welcome bags from Yoder to the competing teams. We talked with a lot of teams about their season, both their big wins and big losses. We were lucky enough to chat with Mike Davis of Lotta Bull BBQ (pictured above) about his custom Yoder Smokers pit, and got Andy Groneman of Smoke on Wheels Competition BBQ to go over his YS1320 pellet grill and tell us why he's loved cooking on it at competitions this season.

The first night was full of parties, and we had enough free beer and barbecue to last us the whole weekend; but don't worry, we didn't turn anything down on Saturday!

Overall it was a fantastic competition as usual, and congratulations to Big Poppa Smokers on their GC at the Invitational and to Shiggin & Grinnin on their GC at the Open (competing against over 500 other teams no less!). The largest BBQ competition may be over, but the Jack is just around the corner, and we can't wait. We'll see you there!