Coffee Crusted Beef Short Ribs

How to make Coffee Crusted Beef Short Ribs using the snake method

Chef Tom smokes Coffee Crusted Beef Short Ribs over charcoal and oak, using the snake method, on the Yoder Smokers Adjustable Flat Top Charcoal Grill.

Coffee Crusted Beef Short Ribs



Remove the grill grates from the Yoder Smokers Adjustable Flattop Charcoal Grill.


Make two rows of charcoal briquettes on opposite ends of the charcoal tray. Start each row at the front of the grill working straight to the back of the grill, hugging the sides of the charcoal grate. Make the row three briquettes wide on the bottom layer and two wide on top. Place two fist sized chunks of oak smoking wood on top of each row. Place one near the front of the grill and the second about halfway down the row of charcoal.


Place a fire starter at the front of each row and light to ignite the charcoal. When the coals are glowing hot, close up the grill an open the airflow completely on the bottom and top. The charcoal will not burn back slowly, igniting the wood to add smoke during the cook.


The temperature should stabilize around 325ºF, and hold for a couple of hours before it begins to slowly drop. You can add lump charcoal to the coal bed as needed to keep the heat up. You may also add a chimney of lit charcoal to bump the temperature back up, if needed.


Return one of the grill grates to the grill and place it directly in the center of the grill.


Clip a Fireboard 2 ambient temperature probe to the grill grate in the center of the grate and run the probe to the Fireboard 2 unit, set on the front shelf.

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Rub a thin layer of House of Q Slow Smoke Gold on the Creekstone Farms Prime Beef Short Ribs to bind the seasoning to the meat. Season generously with Cattleman’s Grill Smoky Chipotle Coffee Steak Seasoning and Killer Hogs Texas Brisket Rub. When the rub appears wet on the surface, transfer the ribs to the grill.


Place the ribs on the grate in the center of the grill. One in front. One in back. Rub meat probes from the Fireboard to the ribs, to monitor internal temperature, if desired.


Cook until the ribs are probe tender at about 205ºF internal temperature, roughly 5-6 hours.


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