The Ultimate YS640s Accessory Guide - Our 9 Ride or Die Accessories

With a hefty cult following, the Yoder YS640s is unmatched in the land of pellet grills. Not only does the cooking system perform impeccably, the available accessories take the experience to the next level. From cooking tools to unique solutions to contain messes – there's an accessory to meet your needs. Keep reading to find out which accessories made our list.

One – YS Reversible Cast Iron Griddle: 

We’ve lost count of the creative ways Chef Tom has used this griddle. Cheese crusted breakfast burritos, smash burgers, scallops, fajita veggies – the list goes on and on. This custom-fit reversible griddle drops seamlessly into place and immediately expands your cooking horizons. The ¼" thick griddle boasts 320-square-inches of cooking space, gets hot, and stays hot to deliver a flawless cooking experience.

Two – YS Grease Shield: 

Cooking is messy – if it isn’t, you’re not having enough fun with it. Mopping sauces, dripping marinades, grease...all of this can end up on the exterior of your beloved cooker. Not only is it unsightly, but over time it can compromise your cooker’s finish. This grease shield slips over the front of your grill, catches messes, and cleans up easily. Problem solved.

Three – GrillGrates: 

If you’ve been with us anytime at’ll know we harbor great affection for GrillGrate products! These reversible, anodized aluminum grates crank up your grill’s searing power. Just take a peek around the web and you’ll see that most people searing on pellet grills are using GrillGrates. It’s not cheating – it's just smart. Anodized aluminum conducts heat very efficiently and the peaks of these grates deliver a high-heat punch to your steaks for the ultimate sear.

Four – YS Half Depth Shelf: 

You don’t have to use a YS640s pellet grill for very long to see the value in the optional half depth shelf. A full depth second shelf is wonderful for long cooks where you want to use every possible inch of cooking surface. However, when you’re direct grilling burgers, chops, vegetables and more - items that require more consistent attention - you’ll find the half depth shelf very handy. At 9” deep, it gives you functional cooking space that doubles as a warming rack while allowing easy access to foods on the main cooking surface below. Win win.

Five – YS Grill Mat: 

Grilling and smoking can be messy (see above, re: grease shield). Messy doesn’t belong on your patio, or even worse, your fancy composite decking material. Enter the YS branded grill mat. This mat is UL-94 heat resistant and made from durable recycled tired rubber. It cleans easily, protects your other investments, and looks dang good. This one is a no-brainer.

Six – Fireboard Spark: 

The S-series pellet grills by Yoder Smokers use Fireboard technology to bring wireless capabilities to your grilling experience. In an act of pure genius, Fireboard designed their own feature-rich instant read thermometer. This handy little thermometer does more than most flip-out instant read thermometers; its probe port allows for the addition of a probe for long-term cook monitoring, it acts as a display for all your Fireboard tech, and it integrates seamlessly into the Fireboard environment.



Seven – YS Wood Fired Oven: 

The Wood Fired Oven insert from Yoder adds even more versatility to an already versatile machine. We love using it for wood-fired pizzas, baking bread, or making casseroles with exceptional browning on top. You could already smoke, bake, and sear on your Yoder; now you can add "screaming hot wood fired oven" to your arsenal.

Eight – YS Stainless Steel Shelf Upgrades: 

Yoder’s standard wire shelves are convenient and essential – however, an option exists to make them even better: solid stainless steel. This optional upgrade gives you a sturdy surface for more food prep, holds your beer more reliably, and wipes clean. If you’re all about aesthetics – the stainless shelves look pretty tough, too.

Nine – YS Thermal Jacket: 

Weighing in at over 400lbs and made of heavy gauge steel, fans of the YS640s are not wrong when they refer to it as a “tank”. This construction improves pellet consumption, but frigid temps can still make a dent in efficiency. The thermal jacket is designed to insulate your cooker, increasing efficiency, and decreasing fuel consumption.

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