The Briner Buckets

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About The Briner Brining Buckets

The Briner is the ultimate brining companion. This bucket comes in two sizes, the 8 quart is perfect for whole chickens and chicken quarters and the 22 quart will easily hold your holiday turkey. The thing that makes the briner so great is the built in plastic plate that slides down and locks in place to hold whatever you are brining below the liquid. No more stacking your good plates into a bucket and hoping it stays. The Briner is manufactured from food grade, BPA free plastic.


  • Food grade plastic
  • BPA Free
  • Locking plate turns and locks into place to hold fold down in brine
  • Snap tight lid to keep things tidy

The 22 Quart Bucket:

  • Holds whole turkey up to 25lbs, 4 whole chickens, or several pork shoulders
  • 16" high by 12.5" diameter


The Jr. 8 Quart Bucket:

  • Holds whole chicken or pork shoulder
  • 11" high by 9" diameter
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