Sweetwater Spice Apple Rosemary Sage Classic Holiday Turkey Bath Brine Concentrate

Sweetwater Spice Apple Rosemary Sage Classic Holiday Turkey Bath Brine Concentrate

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Indulge in the nostalgia of holidays past with the Classic Holiday Turkey Bath, a blend crafted to infuse your kitchen with rich, aromatic flavors. Drawing inspiration from the traditional holiday roasting recipe, this bath is a symphony of carefully selected ingredients that promise to elevate your festive feasts to a whole new level.

At its heart, the Classic Holiday Turkey Bath begins with a base of apple juice, providing a sweet and slightly tangy foundation that perfectly complements the savory notes to come. This choice reflects the classic pairing of fruit with poultry, offering a touch of sweetness that enhances the natural flavors of the meat.

Adding to the complexity of this blend are the warm and earthy notes of paprika, which infuse the bath with a subtle smokiness and a deep, rich color. The paprika is balanced by the bold kick of black peppercorns, adding a welcome element of heat and spice that dances on the palate.

To round out the flavors, the bath is infused with the aromatic herbs of rosemary and sage. These herbs bring a freshness and herbal brightness to the blend, reminiscent of the fragrant aromas that fill the kitchen during holiday cooking. The combination of rosemary and sage is a classic pairing for poultry, enhancing the natural flavors of the meat and providing a comforting and familiar taste.

Hints of lemon and orange zest add a bright and citrusy note to the bath, cutting through the richness of the other ingredients and providing a refreshing contrast. This citrusy addition not only balances the flavors but also adds a touch of brightness and complexity to the overall profile.

The result is a harmonious blend that is designed to complement rather than overpower the turkey. It promises to infuse the meat with layers of flavor, creating a reminiscent taste of pan gravy that will have your guests coming back for seconds. While perfect for turkey, this bath is equally delightful when used on other poultry and pork, offering a versatile and flavorful option for your festive meals.

So, as you prepare to gather with loved ones and create new holiday memories, let the Classic Holiday Turkey Bath be your secret ingredient. With its rich, aromatic flavors and nostalgic appeal, it's sure to become a beloved tradition at your holiday table, adding warmth and depth to every bite.

16 oz. bottle

Directions: Shake bottle of concentrate well. Then pour contents into a bag or container for brining. Add 1/2 cup of Kosher Salt, then add 1 gallon of water. For best results rinse out bottle and add to the brine.

After opening, keep remaining product refrigerated.

Ingredients: apple juice (from water & apple concentrate), water, kosher salt, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, onion, paprika, sage, rosemary, black pepper, celery seed, orange peel, lemon peel, bay leaf.

All natural, gluten free, MSG free, fat-free concentrate.

Chef Tom cooks up a Smoke Roasted Spatchcock Turkey with Homemade Sausage Stuffing. This is the perfect recipe for all of your holiday gatherings. Enjoy!

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