Yoder Smokers 24" Kingman Offset Smoker

Yoder Smokers 24" Kingman Offset Smoker

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Additional Information

The Yoder Smokers 24" Kingman Offset Smoker is a powerhouse designed for serious barbecue enthusiasts, offering a generous cooking area and sturdy construction. The ideal stick-burner for both backyard gatherings and professional catering events.

Crafted from heavy-duty 1/4" steel, the Kingman Offset Smoker ensures excellent heat retention and durability. Its large cooking chamber provides ample space for smoking briskets, ribs, pork shoulders, and more, while the adjustable firebox allows for precise temperature control. This heavy-duty offset smoker, crafted in the USA, is designed for serious smoking enthusiasts with durable construction and superior heat management.

Equipped with a spacious warming rack and multiple cooking grates, the smoker offers versatility and efficiency. The offset firebox design ensures even heat distribution, resulting in perfectly smoked meats with that signature wood-fired flavor.

With its robust construction and user-friendly design, the Yoder Smokers 24" Kingman Offset Smoker is a reliable choice for barbecue aficionados looking to elevate their outdoor cooking experience.


  • 52" x 24" Cooking Chamber Crafted From 1/4 Steel
  • Mounted on steel wheels
  • Cooking Chamber Door Counterweight
  • Warming Tray
  • Second Shelf in Cooking Chamber
  • Heat Management Plate
  • New Style Swinging Door Probe Port
  • Made in the USA


  • Charcoal Grate for Cooking Chamber
  • Liquid Propane Log Lighter 

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