Victorinox 3-Way Knife Sharpening System

Victorinox 3-Way Knife Sharpening System

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The Victorinox Three Way Knife Sharpening System is a convenient way to sharpen all your different knives. It comes with three different types of sharpening stones in one package (coarse, medium, and fine). The stones are arranged in a triangle pattern around a center spit, which makes it easy to sharpen all parts of the blade. With just a quick turn of the spit, you can make your knives go from old and worn to like-new again. One pint of oil is included to help protect and improve the sharpening process. Get this Knife Sharpening System today and your knives will stay sharp for a long time!


  • Sharpening System
  • 11 1/2 in
  • 3-sided stone:
  • Includes 1 pint of honing oil

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