Shun Classic Hollow Ground 7" Santoku Knife

Shun Classic Hollow Ground 7" Santoku Knife

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The Shun Classic Hollow Ground 7" Santoku Knife is a versatile tool designed for precision slicing and dicing of vegetables, fruits, and small cuts of meat. Crafted from high-performance steel, the blade maintains a razor-sharp edge for longer durations, ensuring effortless cutting with each use. Its slightly curved blade allows for smooth rocking motions, similar to that of a traditional chef's knife, making it suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks.

Featuring hollow-ground indentations on the blade, this Santoku knife facilitates easy release of food, eliminating the need for repetitive sawing motions. The Shun Classic line is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, boasting Damascus-clad blades that showcase stunning patterns and D-shaped ebony PakkaWood handles for a comfortable and secure grip. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, the Shun Classic Hollow Ground 7" Santoku Knife is a versatile and elegant addition to any kitchen arsenal.


  • Light, all-purpose kitchen knife with slight curve on blade
  • Hollow-ground indentations help food release from the blade
  • Hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive)
  • Steel: VG-MAX cutting core, 32 layers (16 per side) stainless Damascus cladding
  • Handle: D-shaped ebony PakkaWood
  • Blade length: 7 in. (17.8 cm)
  • Handcrafted in Japan

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