Ooni Koda 12 Gas Fired Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Fired Pizza Oven

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    The Ooni Koda 12 Gas Fired Pizza Oven offers a convenient and efficient way to create delicious, restaurant-style pizza at home or on the go. With its one-touch gas ignition system, the Koda heats up quickly, allowing you to start cooking pizzas in just minutes. Its compact size and lack of chimney make it easy to set up and use in various outdoor settings, including alongside your standard outdoor grill or on camping trips and picnics.

    Despite its small footprint, the Ooni Koda delivers impressive performance, capable of baking a restaurant-quality pizza in just one minute. This speed, combined with its ease of use and economical gas operation, makes it a favorite among pizza enthusiasts looking for a hassle-free cooking experience. Whether you're hosting a backyard pizza party or craving a quick and delicious meal outdoors, the Ooni Koda is sure to satisfy your pizza cravings with its simple yet effective design and functionality.


    • One touch gas ignition
    • Adjustable heat control knob for a variety of temperatures
    • Authentic, wood-fired flavored pizza in 60 seconds
    • Great for pizza, calzones, or flatbreads
    • Built in baking stone retains heat
    • Powder-coat steel construction holds heat and is weather resistant
    • Waterfall effect flame distribution cooks food evenly and efficiently
    • Includes gas regulator and hose to connect to your propane tank
    • Dimensions: 17 3/4" x 11 3/4" x 27 1/2
    • Ooni Koda Essentials Guide

    Ignite Your Pizza Passion With Ooni Koda!

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