Halo Elite 3B Six Zone Three Burner Outdoor Griddle

Halo Elite 3B Six Zone Three Burner Outdoor Griddle

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    Elevate your outdoor cooking with the Halo Elite 3B Six Zone Three Burner Outdoor Gas Griddle. Featuring 564 square inches of cooking surface, this griddle is perfect for tailgate parties, camping, or entertaining guests at backyard gatherings. With 3 burners and 6 temperature zones, you can precisely control heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. Whether you ignite just the front zones or light up all zones for wall-to-wall heat, this griddle ensures optimal cooking conditions. The inset griddle plate design ensures consistent flame even in windy conditions, while the built-in bubble level and adjustable 360° wheeling casters enable easy mobility and leveling.

    Monitor the flame effortlessly with the innovative burner site glasses, allowing for quick ignition checks from the front of the griddle. With a rapid warm-up time of just 10 minutes, achieve temperatures ranging from 300°F to 750°F swiftly. The swing-away warming rack provides additional space when needed and conveniently tucks away when not in use. Cleaning up is hassle-free thanks to the XL rear grease management system and built-in utensil clean-off squeegee.

    Featuring a host of convenient features, including an adjustable regulator for precise temperature control, built-in griddle plate removal tool doubling as hooks for hanging utensils, and natural gas compatibility, this griddle is designed for versatility and ease of use. With a durable lid that can be closed while cooking and dimensions of 63.39” W x 31.42” D x 42.58”, including a cooking height of 35.56”, the Halo Elite 3B Griddle offers exceptional performance for all your outdoor cooking needs.


    • Dual-Zone Burner System – 3 burners, 6 zones
    • Inset 564 sq in griddle plate, (28.19″ W x 20″ D)
    • 10 Minute Warm Up Time
    • 300°F to 750°F temperature range
    • 160 sq in swing-away warming rack included
    • Burner site glasses for quick burner ignition check
    • Adjustable regulator of either 9.5″ or 11″ WC for more temperature control
    • XL Rear Grease Management with built-in utensil clean off squeegee
    • Built-in griddle plate removal tool doubles as hooks for hanging utensils
    • Included bubble level and adjustable casters to ensure your cook surface is level
    • Natural Gas Compatible
    • Durable Lid that can be closed while cooking
    • Product Dimensions: 63.39” W x 31.42” D x 42.58”
    • Cooking Height: 35.56”
    • BTUs: 36,000 (12,000 per burner)

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