Weber Griddle Breakfast Set

Weber Griddle Breakfast Set

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Greet the day at the griddle with the Weber Griddle Breakfast Set, which includes all the essentials you need to create delicious eggs and fluffy pancakes right in your own backyard. This set includes two Griddle Egg Rings and a Griddle Batter Dispenser, designed to make your breakfast preparation easy and enjoyable.

The Griddle Egg Rings are stackable for easy storage and help you cook perfectly shaped eggs every time. The Griddle Batter Dispenser can hold up to 27 oz. (828 ml) of batter, marinades, and more, allowing for precise and mess-free pouring. Both the egg rings and the batter dispenser are dishwasher safe and BPA free, ensuring they are convenient and safe to use. With the Weber Griddle Breakfast Set, you can effortlessly prepare a tasty breakfast and enjoy the perfect start to your day.


  • Griddle Egg Rings (2): Stackable and easy to store, perfect for cooking uniformly shaped eggs.
  • Griddle Batter Dispenser: Holds up to 27 oz./828 ml of batter, marinades, and more for precise and mess-free pouring.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Easy to clean and maintain.
  • BPA Free: Safe to use with food.

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