Forno Bravo Premio2G Wood Fired Oven, Kit

Forno Bravo Premio2G Wood Fired Oven, Kit

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A family of premium pizza oven kits designed for high-end home and garden applications. The Premio2G ovens feature a thick, high-density 3" cast refractory dome, extra thick insulation and an insulated steel door, making these muscular ovens perfect for high throughput pizza baking and retained heat baking and roasting.

How serious is the Premio2G Series? The Premio2G oven dome and insulation are the same thickness and density as many commercial pizza ovens—which are designed for 24/7, 365 day use. Put another way, the Premio2G ovens weigh more than twice as much as some other residential pizza ovens with the same size cooking floor, without compromising heat up times.

The Premio2G Series is available in three sizes to meet high-end home cooking requirements, including from a 40", 44" and a restaurant size 48" cooking floor.

The Premio2G's ultra heavy oven dome is cast using high-density, high-alumina, vibrated refractory—superior to old-fashioned, rustic ovens. The dome pieces use an interlocking design for a tight fit, better heat retention and better durability. The ovens heat up quickly (about an hour) and hold their cooking temperature longer than any other residential oven—perfect for larger parties and the serious hearth bread baker.

The Premio2G cooking floor is made from large, 18"x18"x2" compressed and kiln-fired firebrick tiles—the same quality found in commercial pizza ovens. The cooking floor is fully enclosed by the oven, maintains high heat for virtually limitless pizza baking, and is far more durable than cast and air-dried oven floors.

Each Premio2G oven is delivered with extra-thick insulation for better heat retention, and includes 4" (4 x 1") of high-tech ceramic blanket dome insulation and 3" of ceramic board floor insulation—enabling the ovens to easily retain 400ºF up to 24 hours after the fire goes out.

The pizza ovens incorporate a monblock refractory vent and chimney adapter and oven opening for easy installation and durability. The ovens include a 24" long stainless steel chimney and rain cap, and an insulated steel oven door with a thermometer. The oven door features 1" of ceramic insulation encased in a steel enclosure for unrivalled heat retention.

We offer an optional decorative brick arch for the Premio2G series, giving the oven a traditional Italian finish. The Premio2G oven can be assembled in virtually any style at the customer location using either a site-built concrete block or brick stand or a custom metal stand.

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