Forno Bravo Cucina Wood Fired Oven Stand

Forno Bravo Cucina Wood Fired Oven Stand

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A line of modular stands for the Primavera, Casa2G and Tosacan Series pizza ovens. The Cucina stand makes it easy to give either a Forno Bravo modular oven kit or a fully assembled oven a custom, built-in look—without the effort and weight of building a concrete block (CMU) stand.

The Cucina Series comes in six sizes, fitting the Forno Bravo Giardino/Primavera 60 and 70, and the Casa2G/Toscana 80, 90, 100 and 110.

The Cucina stand comprises a knocked-down metal frame and pre-cut, pre-drilled backer board panels for the exterior. The stand can be assembled in minutes using a standard wrench and screwdriver.

After assembling the Cucina stand, the installer simply pours standard concrete into the preformed hearth tray—and then places the Forno Bravo oven on top.

The stand and oven enclosure can be finished in a wide range of materials, including stucco, stone and brick.

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