Cangshan Kita 6in Boning Knife with Sheath

Cangshan Kita 6in Boning Knife with Sheath

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The Cangshan Kita 6-inch Boning Knife represents a harmonious blend of traditional craftsmanship and innovative materials, resulting in a striking and functional kitchen tool that stands out in any culinary setting. Its distinctive blue and black streaked wood grain handle makes a bold statement, elevating the knife to a display-worthy piece of artistry that's almost too beautiful to use.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this boning knife features a hand-sharpened blade, honed to perfection by highly skilled artisans. The X-7 proprietary steel blade boasts an impressive hardness rating of 61±2 on the Rockwell C Scale, ensuring exceptional durability and edge retention for precise and effortless boning tasks.

Designed for both aesthetics and performance, the Cangshan Kita Boning Knife features a lightweight and durable G-10 fiberglass octagonal handle, providing a comfortable and secure grip during prolonged use. The knife's full-tang blade, adorned with a hammered texture, adds both functionality and visual appeal. For convenient storage and protection, the knife comes with a deep blue ash wood magnetic sheath, offering a secure and stylish storage solution. Hand wash only to preserve the knife's integrity and longevity.


  • Hand-sharpened by highly skilled artisans
  • X-7 proprietary steel blade has a hardness rating of 61±2 on the Rockwell C Scale.
  • Lightweight and durable G-10 fiberglass octagonal handle
  • Deep blue ash wood magnetic sheath for secure storage
  • Hammered texture on full-tang blade
  • Hand wash only

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