Boos Block Mystery Oil, 16 oz.

Boos Block Mystery Oil, 16 oz.

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Boos Block Mystery Oil is a premium conditioning oil specially formulated to nourish and protect your wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks, and other kitchen utensils. Crafted from a blend of food-grade mineral oil and natural waxes, this oil penetrates deep into the wood, replenishing moisture and preventing drying and cracking.

Regular application of Boos Block Mystery Oil helps to extend the life of your wooden surfaces, keeping them looking beautiful and performing their best for years to come. The easy-to-use formula is designed for convenience, allowing you to maintain the natural beauty of your wooden kitchen tools with minimal effort.

Protect your investment and preserve the integrity of your wooden cutting boards and butcher blocks with Boos Block Mystery Oil. Treat your kitchen essentials to the care they deserve and enjoy the benefits of a well-maintained culinary workspace.

16 oz. bottle

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