Twin Eagles 30" Charcoal Grill

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Designed for high performance cooking, the Twin Eagles 30" Charcoal Grill can make a great addition to any outdoor kitchen setup. This outdoor charcoal grill is designed with attention to detail, and brings to your outdoor entertainment area professional craftsmanship like no other. Featuring a stylish and sleek appearance, this Twin Eagles charcoal grill can really make a statement and stand out while being able to complement your outdoor kitchen in all its glory.

This outdoor charcoal grill features a high strength and solid stainless steel construction which is designed to handle the vigorous wear and tear of outdoor cooking and constant heat exposure. It features seamless welds, and comes with stylish signature hi-polished accents that make this charcoal grill one of a kind.

Featuring air and temperature control louvers, this Twin Eagles charcoal grill can really produce an ample amount of heat for easy cooking of any food at any time. It offers an easy charcoal access front door which allows for you to easily refill your grill with charcoal when it may be getting low. Offering a front and back double lined hood, this outdoor charcoal grill can really promote roasting type properties for cooking of larger meats. Designed with a temperature gauge for easy monitoring of the grills temperature, this charcoal grill can really bring any food to life when cooking for guests.

Offering an adjustable charcoal tray, it allows for you to easily adjust the charcoal where needed. It also comes complete with a warming and cooking rack that allows you to easily cook your food and keep it warm before serving. Designed to deliver powerful charcoal grilling, the Twin Eagles 30" Charcoal Grill is perfect for any outdoor kitchen to add that extra cooking power when entertaining large gatherings or get-togethers with friends and family members.


  • Air/temperature control louvers
  • Easy charcoal access front door
  • Seamless welds and signature hi-polished accents
  • Double lined hood (front and back)
  • Temperature gaugeWarming/cooking rack
  • Adjustable charcoal tray
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