8 Tools Every
BBQ Cook Needs

A Multi-Purpose Rack

Something our team reaches for over and over again is a rib or roast rack. When you’re short on space, a rib rack is helpful for cooking several slabs at once. Many rib racks are reversible and double as roast racks for slow roasting larger cuts of meat.

Our pick: Broil King Stainless Steel Rib/Roast Rack

A Versatile Thermometer

Never serve dry chicken to your dinner guests again. A simple instant read thermometer can transform your cook by helping you pull food off at your goal temperature. Fireboard’s Spark thermometer fits the bill AND also offers long term temperature tracking. Add an external probe and track the temp of your long cooks using their smart phone app.

Our pick: Fireboard Spark

A Cast Iron Griddle

Add versatility to any grill type with a cast iron griddle surface. Quickly sauté veggies, cook breakfast without heating up the kitchen, or whip up Chef Tom’s cheese crusted breakfast burritos. Most grills have a custom sized cast iron griddle but universal griddles are a great choice as well.

Our pick: Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Griddle 

Brining Bucket

Brining is a classic way to add flavor and moisture to poultry, pork, and beef. A dedicated brining bucket makes the process super simple. We reach for these buckets constantly in both our teaching kitchen and our home kitchens!

Our pick: Mini 3.5 Quart Briner Bucket

A Chef's Knife

While it won’t do EVERY job in the kitchen, a nice sized chef’s knife is an absolute necessity. From dicing veggies to slicing proteins, you’ll find yourself using a chef’s knife time and time again.

Our pick: Victorinox 8” Chef’s Knife

A Multi-Use Tool Set

Tool sets are a great way to get all your necessary pieces in one convenient kit. This one has tongs, a hefty spatula, a basting brush, and a grill brush for cleaning. These four tools will handle most tasks in any grilling session.

Our pick: Broil King 4-piece Tool Set


We're long time GrillGrate enthusiasts! These reversible, anodized aluminum grates come in an enormous variety of sizes and up the ante on your grill’s searing power. Anodized aluminum conducts heat very efficiently and the peaks of these grates deliver a high-heat punch to your steaks for the ultimate sear.

Our pick:  GrillGrate

Protective Gloves

Add coals to your fire or handle hot tools with high-heat leather gloves. These are great to have on hand regardless of your preferred fuel type and come in handy when tending the fire in your fire pit as well.

Our pick: All Things BBQ Long Leather BBQ Gloves

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