Reverse Seared Strip Loin Roast with Poblano Creme Fraiche Recipe

Reverse Seared Strip Loin Roast with Poblano Crème Fraîche


Strip Loin Roast has been a favorite cut of beef for our team for years. Typically, this roast is cut into New York Strip (or Kansas City Strip) steaks, but in our opinion, reverse searing it whole is where it’s at.

In this video, Chef Tom will show you how to trim, season and cook a strip loin roast to perfection, and creates a fantastic Poblano Crème Fraîche to serve with it.


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  • Comment Author: Steve Brown

    I just made this recipe, but used Kosmo’s Q Cow Cover rub. Made the poblano cream using sour cream. Applied rub the night before, and let it sit uncovered in the fridge overnight. Put in smoker at 200-225 degrees, and took it out at internal temp of 125. Rested for 40 minutes, then seared on my gas grill on high. Was phenomenal! I will definitely make this one again.

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