Grilled Salmon Grain Bowl Recipe

Lunchbox Meal: Grilled Salmon Grain Bowl


I’m not gonna lie, I’m not the best at packing my lunch. It doesn’t help that I work in kitchens where food is so readily available to eat. You can’t blame me for not planning ahead! But between recipe developing menus for cooking classes, or whipping up a dessert buffet for 50, I often dream about what I would rather have for lunch that day.

I’m often snacking off of what is readily available and not keeping in mind what food is best to fuel my body. This means a lot of kitchen scraps, chips and salsa, and other snacks that don’t quantify as a balanced lunch.

This grain bowl was inspired by a recent trip to a local farm, that’s known for their farm-to-table dinners and u-pick blackberry brambles. In their outdoor café, I ordered a Farro and Olive Grain Bowl that really hit the spot. The grain salad was dressed with a lemon-shallot vinaigrette, adorned with arugula, tons of briny Casteltravano Olives, and salty feta to pack a punch! I was determined to recreate that magic in my own way.

I opted to add grilled salmon to give myself the complete protein that I would need to sustain myself through dinnertime. What’s incredible about this recipe is you can prep the grain and salmon ahead of the week and use this as a great meal-prep recipe.


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