How to make Baby Back Ribs

Backyard Baby Back Ribs

Treat your taste-buds to a delicious plate of juicy Backyard Baby Back Ribs! Enjoy perfectly seasoned ribs that are tender, succulent and low-maintenance. Guaranteed to be the star of any outdoor BBQ, why not give this recipe a try today?

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  • Comment Author: Rex B Repaire

    I concur. I did this a month ago and they came out perfect! The only advice I would give, as a novice just learning, I had multiple racks of ribs and did not rotate them from front to rear of smoker. I did the next time and every one of them was perfect!

  • Comment Author: Admin

    Tom says, “Set the controller to 250 and let them cook. Don’t worry about the rest.”

  • Comment Author: Marc

    When you say see 640 to 250 does that mean the dial at 250?

    I have the grill set at 275, the pit is currently 290 but the top left rack is 154 and the top right is 182.

    Should I get the top rack to 250 range?
    Ribs are sitting middle of the top rack.

    The pit temperature variances are something i am figuring out.

    Hopefully I hear from someone.

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