From smoking to open flame grilling, the YS640s does it all. For me, the YS640s is a ONE GRILL SOLUTION whether it's grilling a few chicken breasts, making breakfast for the grandkids, hot roasting a Thanksgiving turkey or smoking a brisket.

| Todd, YS640s Verified Buyer

The #1 request from pellet grill owners is a grill that gets HOT. The YS640s delivers exactly that: direct heat.

Set it up for direct grilling, turn it on, pick your temp, prep your food, and you're ready to grill at over 700*F in less than 15 minutes. Experience better than steakhouse quality steaks in your own backyard.

With the diffuser and standard grates into place, the YS640s is a world class wood-fired oven. Season up a whole chicken, nest it in your favorite cast iron skillet with potatoes, onions, and herbs, and set it on the grill.

To make managing your cook even easier, insert the food probe and let the magic of Yoder's custom WiFi controller take over.

Smoking is in Yoder's DNA, so it isn't a coincidence that the Yoder team designed the airflow in their pellet grill to move side to side like a true offset smoker.

This design allows the heat and smoke to travel effortlessly through the cooking chamber, immersing the food in heat and that coveted thin blue smoke. A favorite of competition cooks, available for your backyard.

Baking on the YS640s is a true pleasure. Whether it's lasagna, bread, pizza, or cobbler - everything is better on a Yoder.

The YS640s dual fan system delivers true convection cooking, and pellet fuel adds moisture to the oven.

I use this for pizza, brisket, and everything else!

Love it!

Devan B,YS640s Verified Buyer

Learn what makes the YS640s

different than other pellet grills.

This grill is amazing. I can smoke, grill and sear with high heat. The WiFi connectivity makes monitoring the cook so easy and making on the go temp changes is a breeze from my phone with the Fireboard app.

| Jacob H, YS640s Verified Buyer

|Stay Connected to Your Cook

Beyond Wi-Fi connectivity, the new ACS board is built around a powerful microprocessor that understands multiple input variables.

Simply put? This board is smart enough to react to drastic changes in heat brought on by opening the cooker door, putting on 100 pounds of cold meat, or even changes between pellet burn rates if you change wood type mid-cook. The most intelligent controller on the market is here, and it's only in the S Series Pellet Grills from Yoder Smokers.

|Push button start

It doesn’t get any easier! Near-continuous temperature monitoring automatically delivers the right amount of pellets to the fire pot whether you’re looking for 500° to grill a steak or 250° for a 10-hour smoke.

I purchased a YS640 Smoker in 2014 and it has hundreds of hours on it now 7 years later. It has not skipped a beat and continues to perform just like the day I got it.

| Shannon S, YS640s Verified Buyer

Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet GrillYoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill


Yoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill on Competition CartYoder Smokers YS640s Pellet Grill on Competition Cart


Just a few of our 5 star reviews

I love my Yoder. The problem is that it ruins you from eating food elsewhere. I own one, my father-in-law owns one, my brother-in-law owns one, two of my best friends own one, all because once you eat food on a Yoder there’s no going back.

Jesse S. - YS640s Verified Buyer

I use to have a charcoal/wood fired smoker and it was a nightmare maintaining temperature especially on a long brisket cook. Instantly I've fallen in love my YS640s coupled with a fireboard. You literally see the temp load it up and walk away with no stress or worries about maintaining temperature.

Alex L. - YS640s Verified Buyer

Guys I know this smoker is expensive, I will not argue with you. Stop dragging your feet and pull the trigger the Yoder is awesome. I thought up to this point that my steaks were spot on till I cooked one on the Yoder both my wife and I agreed best steak we have ever ate.

Darin S. - YS640s Verified Buyer

This is my first pellet grill. Did a lot of research and talked to several people that have different brands of pellet grills. I chose the Yoder because they have addressed the shortcomings that the people I talked to have with their grills and it is made in the USA!

 - YS640s Verified Buyer

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