Yoder Smokers YS Series Pellet Grill Cover Overview

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. I’m Chef Tom with ATBBQ.com, and today I want to show you the newly redesigned cover for Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills.

Yoder Smokers YS Series Pellet Grill Cover Features

This heavy duty cover is manufactured in the USA from 800 denier polyester, features a PVC liner that is water resistant and is vented to mitigate condensation. This will help keep your grill dry when not in use.

Now let’s install the cover that’s designed for the YS640 standard cart.

How to Install the YS Series Pellet Grill Cover

The first thing you’ll do is loosen the thumb screw and rotate the stack toward the front shelf. Next, line up the cover with the Yoder Smokers logo facing forward and work it over the grill, starting at the pellet hopper.

Once the cover is over the hopper, pull the cover over the front shelf and counterweight, and continue pulling until the cover drapes over the chimney and side shelf.

Now, walk around the unit to make sure the cover is pulled all the way down, then fasten the buckles to keep the cover in place. These buckles help protect your Yoder Smoker from rain, wind, and snow.

If you have any questions about this cover or any of the other products in the Yoder Smokers lineup, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

You can purchase the new cover at ATBBQ.com, along with any of the other products you see featured on this channel.

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