Better Turkey with Brine

Brining is the process of submerging meat in a salt solution, often in combination with other flavoring agents (herbs, chili, aromatics), to give your meat its best shot at staying moist while cooking. With brines, you’ll want to marinate the whole bird/spatchcocked bird at least a couple of hours, but for more flavor leave it in the brine solution overnight.

Each brine product will recommend different brining times. There are powder based brines that require you to mix them with water such as Oakridge BBQ Game Changer. This balanced brine is not as salty as most brines and gives you that perfect infusion of both flavor and moisture. Mad Hunky’s Poultry Brine is a more savory choice. Accented with herbs, spices and honey, this brine will give your turkey the moisture it needs and the classic holiday turkey flavor you love. Another great powder based brine is The Briner Classic Brine. The name says it all. It’s classic, like the Mad Hunky’s, with a touch more sweetness. With all powdered brines, be sure to whisk well until brine is dissolved.

In addition to powder-based brines we also have brine concentrates. That is, liquid based, just add water and you’re ready to go. Sweetwater Spice makes a pair of great products in this category, Classic Holiday,  Lemon Thyme Turkey Bath. brings a citrusy element to your brining process, much like a marinade would.

You may be wondering what sort of container you might use to submerge a 15-pound bird. You’re looking for The Briner brining bucket. Its 22-quart capacity is enough to drown a good sized turkey, and it comes equipped with an adjustable plate to keep the meat fully submerged.

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