Zero Downtime Kit: YS480/YS640/YS1500 Legacy (Non-Wifi) Controllers with Long Thermocouple

Zero Downtime Kit: YS480/YS640/YS1500 Legacy (Non-Wifi) Controllers with Long Thermocouple

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    The Yoder Smokers Zero Downtime Kit is an essential companion for YS640 and YS480 owners who take their grilling seriously. We understand that even the most reliable grills can encounter hiccups, so with the Zero Downtime Kit, you're armed with the parts you need to tackle any unexpected situation. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted grilling. Keep those flames alive!

    The ATBBQ Zero Downtime Kit is also a great way to purchase many of the internal parts needed to complete a refurbishment/refresh on older grills as well.

    Parts Included:

    • One Long Thermocouple 
    • One Ceramic Igniter
    • One Ball Bearing Inner/Outer Fan Kit: This is an upgrade for grills manufactured prior to August of 2023
    • One Fuse Holder
    • Three Spare Fuses
    • One Power Cord
    • One Tube of High Heat Silicone Sealant

    Note: This kit is designed for YS480, YS640, and YS1500 grills manufactured before 1/27/2015 that have not been upgraded to the new ACS control system. To verify that this is the correct kit, you should see a long thermocouple on the back wall of your smoker. If your grill was manufactured after 1/27/2015 and does not have the ACS control system, and you see a shorter thermocouple on the back or side wall, you will need to purchase the Zero Downtime Kit: YS480/YS640 Legacy (Non-WiFi) Controllers With Short Type J Thermocouple or the Zero Downtime Kit: YS1500 Legacy (Non WiFi) and Short Type J Thermocouple

    Identifying Your Yoder Smokers Pellet Grill Thermocouple: A Quick Guide

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