Yoder Smokers Factory Matched Touch Up Paint

Yoder Smokers Factory Matched Touch Up Paint

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This factory touch-up paint is for Yoder Smokers YS series pellet grills, S series pellet grills, charcoal grills, and offset smokers. If your grill has spots that need touched up, you can sand the finish a bit and use this factory-matched paint to restore the area.

Yoder Smokers grills had a paint change in 2015 (from a flat finish to a satin finish). If your grill's serial number is 20179 or lower OR built before 6/29/2015, choose the flat black touch-up paint option. If your grill is serial number 20180 or higher OR built on or after 6/29/15, choose the satin finish touch-up paint. This information can be found on the metal plate on the lid of your Yoder Smokers pellet grill.

Any S-series pellet grill (with wifi-enabled ACS controller) will use satin touch-up paint.

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