Zelli Fusilli Dried Pasta, 16oz

Zelli Fusilli Dried Pasta, 16oz

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    Discover the unique taste and texture of Zelli Fusilli Dried Pasta, made from the finest durum wheat. These twisted little spindles perfectly hold onto your favorite sauces, from pesto to a refreshing pasta salad.

    Zelli Pasta is a small-batch pasta company hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Northwest Arkansas. What sets Zelli apart is not just the pasta itself, but the meticulous process that goes into crafting each delightful strand. Unlike mass-produced alternatives, Zelli employs bronze extruder dies, imparting a distinctive rough texture that gracefully embraces sauces. With a commitment to quality, Zelli exclusively utilizes high-grade organic durum wheat flour sourced from North American organic farms, milled in the USA, and combined with pure water – a simple yet extraordinary combination. Drying the pasta the traditional way, Zelli opts for a slow, 36-hour process in a controlled environment, preserving nutritional benefits and enhancing flavor. This artisanal touch extends to the heart of Northwest Arkansas, where Angie & Mitchell personally craft each batch with care, ensuring Zelli Pasta is not just a product but a passion for providing the very best.

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