Yoder Smokers Ultimate BBQ Gift Set

Yoder Smokers Ultimate BBQ Gift Set

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    Surprise the backyard chef in your life with the perfect gift set filled with items they'll appreciate.

    We include a supply of gloves to stay clean and cool for hot food handling.

    Enjoy effortless infusion of flavor into your meat cuts with this injector's easy, comfortable grip.

    Our pink butcher paper lets you wrap your brisket or pork butt for championship results.

    Yoder Smokers digital thermometer ensures your meal is cooked to perfection every time!

    The versatile Butcher House Brine from Cattleman's Grill adds an unmatched depth of flavor to any cut of beef, pork or poultry. It's the one you see Chef Tom reach for again and again.

    Yoder Smokers is known by people serious about their grills. Any BBQ competition will have a large number of YS smokers or grills in the top spots. They know BBQ hardware. Now they have expanded into BBQ rubs and are showing they know flavors as well.

    YS Beef Rub is a deep, rich, and savory blend crafted to amplify the natural beef flavor of brisket, burgers, beef ribs, steaks, and stews. Flavors so bold yet balanced flavor with garlic, brown sugar and honey, making it a must-have staple in the kitchen or backyard.

    Sweet, salty, and smoky, Yoder Smokers Pork Rub finishes with a subtle touch of heat for depth of flavor that is second-to-none. While created for pork chops, ribs, and butts - it absolutely transforms chicken, eggs, pasta salad, fries and more.

    Smoky chipotle pepper, mesquite, and the slightly sweet, peppery notes of paprika come together with a complimentary mix of salt and sugar for a blend of savory heat in the Yoder Smokers Chicken Rub.

    All this is sent in a large gift box that will excite that person that lives to grill.

    Gift Set Includes:

    • Nitrile Gloves (100 Pair): Keep your hands clean.
    • Cotton/Poly Blend Knit Gloves (1 Dozen): Heat protection for under your nitrile gloves.
    • Cattleman's Grill Butcher House Brine: A flavorful blend of salt, garlic, brown sugar, onion & spices. Perfect for poultry, pork or beef. This is the one we grab at our own homes.
    • Yoder Smokers Beef Rub: The go-to flavor enhancer for any beef dish. Infuse dishes with bold, balanced taste in one easy step. Their unique blend of garlic, brown sugar, and honey creates a savory, rich flavor that amplifies the natural beef taste.
    • Yoder Smokers Pork Rub: The perfect mix of sweet, salty and smoky, with the perfect touch of heat to unlock bold, amazing flavor in everything from pork chops to chicken to pasta salad.
    • Yoder Smokers Chicken Rub: This packs a flavorful punch with a blend of smoky chipotle pepper, mesquite and the slightly sweet notes of paprika. Salt and sugar are perfectly balanced to create a savory heat. 
    • ATBBQ Meat Injector: The secret weapon for delivering flavor and juiciness deep into any cut of meat. 
    • Yoder Smoker Digital Thermometer: Fast/Simple/Accurate readings with a magnetic back to keep it handy. Automatic nightlight for those early morning smokes.
    • ATBBQ Butcher Paper 24 inches x 6 feet: This heavy-duty pink butcher paper can be used to wrap proteins or use it to line trays for a fun presentation.
    • Gift Box: All these items are shipped directly in a 28" x 14 1/2" x 4" white gift box. Ready to wrap and delight someone in your life.

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