Yoder Smokers Short Thermocouple Replacement for S-Series Pellet Grills

Yoder Smokers Short Thermocouple Replacement for S-Series Pellet Grills

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These replacement thermocouples are designed for Yoder Smokers Pellet Grills built on or after 1/27/15. The Type J thermocouple is used for legacy and S-series grills built prior to Summer 2022. Please use the steps below or the steps found at this link to determine whether you need a Type J or PT-1000 thermocouple for your particular S-series grill.

There are two probe types used in S-Series pellet grills, the type of probe must be verified as they are not interchangeable. To verify the type of probe that your pellet grill was built with, please follow these steps on your pellet grill:

  1. Press the menu button at the main screen.
  2. Rotate the selector knob clockwise, highlight "About" and
    press the knob. Then rotate knob clockwise again until
    you see probe under "About".
  3. Note the type of probe your grill is using: it will either list "PT1000" or "Type J"


If you are unsure what probe type to use on your pellet grill, please follow the simple walk-through instructions in the video below, or call us at 316.440.3950 to speak with a Customer Service Sales Associate.

Identifying The Yoder Smokers Thermocouple

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