Yoder Smokers 24" Stockton Vertical Smoker

Yoder Smokers 24" Stockton Vertical Smoker

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The Yoder Smokers 24" Stockton Vertical Smoker is designed to meet the demands of barbecue enthusiasts who require a large cooking area in a compact footprint. With over 4,300 square inches of cooking surface packed into a space-efficient design, this smoker can handle large quantities of food without taking up too much space. Measuring 62" long x 82" high x 35.5" wide, it's equipped to handle 24+ racks of ribs or 16+ pork butts, making it ideal for gatherings or commercial use.

Featuring eight two-foot square racks positioned 4" apart, the Stockton offers versatility in cooking arrangements. Load all eight racks for maximum capacity or remove every other rack to accommodate larger cuts of meat. The unique variable damper situated between the firebox and the cooking chamber allows precise control over heat and smoke distribution, enabling the pitmaster to create temperature swings of over 100 degrees as needed.

A standout feature of the Stockton is its innovative hinge design. Gas-assisted cylinders ensure a tight seal on the cooking chamber, effectively trapping heat and flavor inside. Whether used in the backyard, at competitions, or in commercial settings, this smoker excels in versatility and performance, delivering exceptional barbecue results every time.


  • Cooking chamber height is 38" from the bottom grate to the top of the cooking chamber.
  • Cooking chamber length and width is 2' Cooking chamber is constructed from 1/4" steel
  • Offset firebox dimensions are 2' x 2' x 2' Firebox (top and bottom) is 1/2" steel plate, sides are 1/4" steel plate
  • Dual-damper through draft control + firebox damper for increased temperature control
  • Thermometers: 2 mounted on vertical chamber door
  • Hinges are gas assisted cylinders - this creates a strong seal on the chamber door
  • Cooking chamber includes 8 cooking racks with 4" of clearance between each rack
  • Removable cooking grates in the cooking chamber
  • Plated coil handles are "cool to the touch"
  • Mounted on steel wheels

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