Woodard 48" Round Hammered Chat Fire Table in Aztec Bronze

Woodard 48" Round Hammered Chat Fire Table in Aztec Bronze

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    • 15 year frame warranty
    • 7 year frame finish warranty
    • 1 year fire table burner warranty

Additional Information

Woodard's 48" Round Hammered Chat Fire Table in Aztec Bronze embodies the epitome of American craftsmanship and outdoor elegance. Crafted in the U.S.A., it upholds Woodard's tradition of delivering high-quality outdoor furniture that seamlessly marries durability with style. The Aztec Bronze finish exudes sophistication, while the hammered texture adds visual intrigue, making it a captivating centerpiece for any outdoor living area.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this fire table is engineered to withstand the elements, ensuring years of enjoyment and relaxation. Its generous round top offers ample space for drinks, snacks, and conversation, fostering intimate gatherings and memorable moments under the stars. Whether hosting a casual get-together or a formal soirée, this fire table creates the perfect ambiance with its inviting warmth and captivating glow.

Woodard's Fire Table elevates outdoor living to a new level of indulgence, inviting you to savor every moment in the comfort of your own backyard. Crafted with care and built to last, it offers both beauty and functionality, enhancing the outdoor entertaining experience for years to come. From quiet evenings spent in contemplation to lively gatherings filled with laughter and joy, this fire table becomes the heart of outdoor hospitality, creating cherished memories that will be treasured for generations.


  • 60,000 BTUs
  • 20 lb LP Tank not included
  • Burner Cover Included with Top
  • Black Fire Beads Included with Base
  • Natural Gas connection option also included with Base


  • Model: 65M747-81 + 05348FP-81
  • Dimensions: 48" W x 48" D x 26" H
  • Weight: 89 lbs.
  • Color: Aztec Bronze

Why Woodard

  • A history of quality and excellence yielding furniture that lasts well into the future
  • Over 140 years of crafting furniture, including a number of award-winning designs
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Highest value of quality per price point for domestically manufactured outdoor furniture
  • Wrought Iron furniture is hand-formed using solid iron stock to ensure frame strength and solidarity. The handcrafted technique used to form intricate designs has been handed down from generation to generation.
  • Cast Aluminum frames are constructed with the purest and most resilient aluminum blocks, making the aluminum malleable and strong – resulting in durable, beautiful furniture.

Care & Maintenance

Wrought Iron - Clean with warm, soapy water. Damage to the paint finish may cause corrosion, touch up with paint immediately. To maintain the gloss on non-textured finishes, protect with a fine automotive wax.

Cast Aluminum - Clean with a solution of warm water and mild soap. Use a fine automotive wax to maintain gloss on non-textured finishes.

Cushions - Spot wash by sponging briskly with a mild soap in lukewarm water (do not exceed 100° F). Thoroughly rinse with clean water to remove soap. Allow to air dry completely before storing.

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