Weber Griddle Seasoning Wax

Weber Griddle Seasoning Wax

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The Weber Griddle Seasoning Wax is the essential starting point for achieving peak performance from your griddle. This high-quality seasoning wax creates a protective coating on your grilling surface, ensuring that food lifts easily and cooks evenly. Its high-grade, high smoke point formula generates a durable layer of seasoning, enhancing your griddle's performance and longevity. By using this seasoning wax, you can ensure that your griddle remains in optimal condition for many meals to come.

Made from a blend of grapeseed oil, canola oil, and beeswax sourced from U.S. bee farms, the Weber Griddle Seasoning Wax provides a smooth application without leaving a sticky residue. The antibacterial properties of the beeswax help to bond the oils, forming a solid layer of seasoning that not only protects your griddle but also makes it easier to cook delicate foods without sticking. This unique formulation helps to maintain a clean and efficient cooking surface, ensuring that you can enjoy the best possible griddling experience.


  • Protective Coating: Helps protect your griddle from wear and tear.
  • Easy Food Release: Develops a layer of seasoning so food lifts easily.
  • Natural Ingredients: Made of grapeseed oil, canola oil, and beeswax (from U.S. bee farms).
  • Antibacterial Beeswax: Bonds oils for a solid layer of seasoning, smoother application, and no sticky residue.
  • High Smoke Point Formula: Generates a durable layer of seasoning for long-lasting performance.

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