Victorinox Edge-Mag Multi Pack

Victorinox Edge-Mag Multi Pack

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The Victorinox Edge-Mag Multi Pack offers comprehensive protection for your valuable knife collection, comprising four versatile covers designed to fit knives of all sizes and shapes. Crafted with multi-poled magnets, these covers shield your knives from magnetization, preserving their integrity and sharpness over time.

This set includes covers in four sizes: 7-inch, 9-inch, 10-1/2-inch, and 12-1/2-inch, ensuring compatibility with various knife lengths. Perfect for chefs who frequently travel or need to transport their knives, these covers can also be trimmed to customize their fit as required. Furthermore, they are dishwasher safe at low temperatures, ensuring convenient cleaning and maintenance for busy kitchen environments. With the Victorinox Edge-Mag Multi Pack, you can safeguard your knives with ease and flexibility, ensuring they remain in optimal condition for all your culinary endeavors.


  • Set of four universal design magnetic blade protectors--ideal for travelling chefs
  • Includes 7-inch, 9-inch, 10-1/2-inch, and 12-1/2-inch protectors
  • Fits most sizes and shapes and can be cut to fit most blades
  • Manufactured with multi-poled magnets that cannot magnetize your knife
  • Dishwasher safe at low temperatures

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