Sweetwater Spice Smoked Habanero BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate

Sweetwater Spice Smoked Habanero BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate

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Prepare to elevate your barbecue experience with Sweetwater Spice Smoked Habanero BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate. This bold and flavorful brine is a game-changer for your grilling adventures, adding a fiery kick and depth of flavor that will leave your taste buds tingling with delight. Crafted with a tantalizing blend of ingredients, it's the perfect way to bump up your BBQ game.

At the heart of this brine is the smoked habanero pepper, renowned for its intense heat and distinct flavor. This fiery pepper is complemented by the earthy richness of ancho chilies, creating a dynamic duo of spicy and smoky flavors. The addition of onion and garlic adds depth and complexity, while the sweet essence of apple juice provides a balancing touch of sweetness.

Whether you're grilling game day chicken wings, pork chops, or beef loin, this Smoked Habanero BBQ Brine infuses serious flavor into every bite. The fiery kick of the habanero peppers ignites your taste buds, while the smokiness and depth of the ancho chilies add layers of complexity. From the first bite to the last, each morsel is a symphony of bold and irresistible flavors.

This brine isn't just versatile; it's downright delicious. While it's the perfect chicken brine, adding a fiery and flavorful kick to wings and drumsticks, it also works wonders for pork and beef. Imagine juicy pork chops infused with the smoky heat of habanero and ancho chilies, or a tender beef loin bursting with bold flavors.

As you marinate your meats in the Smoked Habanero BBQ Brine, the flavors penetrate deep into the fibers, ensuring that every bite is infused with its fiery and flavorful essence. Whether you're grilling, smoking, or roasting, this brine transforms ordinary cuts of meat into extraordinary culinary delights.

So, prepare to take your barbecue experience to a whole new level with Sweetwater Spice Smoked Habanero BBQ Bath Brine Concentrate. Whether you're hosting a backyard cookout or simply craving a bold and flavorful meal, this brine promises to ignite your taste buds and leave you coming back for more. Get ready to impress your guests and savor the intense heat and depth of flavor that this brine brings to your favorite BBQ dishes.

All natural, gluten free, fat-free concentrate.

16 oz. bottle

Directions: Shake bottle of concentrate well.  Pour over meat, then add 1 part water for every 1-part brine bath. Approximately 1/2 cup brine bath per 1lb of meat. 

After opening, keep remaining product refrigerated.

Ingredients: apple juice (from water & apple concentrate), kosher salt, brown sugar, habanero, onion powder, black pepper, smoked serrano, garlic, tamarind concentrate, cayenne powder, chipotle, cinnamon, cumin, celery seed.

Smoked Habanero is the fiery cousin of Apple Chipotle BBQ bath, it's loaded with smoked habanero peppers, ancho chilies, onion, garlic, and balanced with the sweetness of apple juice.

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