Ooni Koda 2 Max Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 2 Max Pizza Oven

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Additional Information

The Koda 2 Max Pizza Oven is the largest Ooni pizza oven yet, with a 24" cooking area that can accommodate two 12" pizzas or three 10" pizzas at once. It's also perfectly sized for making 20" New York-style pizzas.

Experience ultimate cooking versatility with two independently controlled temperature zones. Enjoy more space for a wide variety of dishes, including steak, fish, veggies, and more. The larger version of the original Koda model boasts enhanced cooking capabilities in a convenient gas-powered package.

The Ooni Koda 2 Max Pizza Oven boasts a highly advanced gas fuel system, thanks to Ooni's innovative G2 Gas Technology™. This technology ensures superior energy efficiency and consistent, even heat distribution throughout the oven, utilizing a distinctive tapered flame and two precision temperature control dials.

The Koda 2 Max features the brand new Digital Temperature Hub, which displays temperature readings from different areas of the oven, ensuring precise cooking times. The hub also comes with two temperature probes for monitoring roasting meats, and it is Bluetooth compatible for convenient temperature monitoring during your cook.


  • A spacious 24-inch cooking area plus generous oven height offers room for culinary creativity
  • Two independently controlled gas burners produce unique tapered flames for efficient, even cooking
  • Ooni G2 Gas Technology™ delivers even heat across the oven for one-turn pizza cooking and maximum ease of use
  • Digital temperature hub provides instant oven temperature readings so you know exactly when to launch your pizzas.
  • Includes two digital food temperature probes
  • Use Ooni Connect™ to sync your oven with the app for smart cooking
  • Cooks pizza in as little as 60 seconds
  • Reaches a top temperature of 950 °F/500 °C
  • Ready to cook in 30 minutes (at 750 °F/400 °C)

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