LEM Products Jerky Pan and Rack, 18" x 13"

LEM Products Jerky Pan and Rack, 18" x 13"

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Simplify your jerky or sausage-making process with our versatile jerky rack set, compatible with pellet grills, electric smokers, or ovens. The set includes an 18" x 13" lipped pan, providing a stable base to collect drippings and stack racks securely.

LEM's sturdy 18" x 13" jerky rack features feet that allow for easy stacking, enabling you to dry multiple racks simultaneously. Whether stacked 2, 3, or 4 high, this setup improves air circulation around the meat, accelerating the drying process.

Each rack offers 1.5 square feet of space and holds approximately one pound of ground meat jerky strips. With this efficient and convenient system, you can effortlessly create delicious homemade jerky or sausages with optimal results.

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