LEM Products Backwoods Sriracha Jerky Seasoning

LEM Products Backwoods Sriracha Jerky Seasoning

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For aficionados of spicy cuisine, Backwoods Sriracha Jerky Seasoning offers a harmonious fusion of sriracha chili and garlic flavors, resulting in an exceptional jerky experience. LEM Jerky Seasonings streamline the process of creating homemade jerky by providing all cure and seasoning ingredients in a single, easy-to-use bag.

With the capacity to cure up to 5 pounds of meat, you can confidently prepare ample jerky to share with friends and family, ensuring there's plenty to go around during gatherings. Elevate your jerky game with this irresistible blend and make your homemade jerky the talk of the town.

2.6oz. bag

Seasoning Ingredients: salt, dehydrated garlic, maltodextrin, spices, hot sauce (aged cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt, garlic powder), hydrolyzed corn protein, vinegar solids, modified corn Starch, natural flavors, corn starch, sugar, expeller pressed sunflower oil, (as a processing aid), disodium inosinate and disodium guanylate, extractives of paprika, sodium diacetate (0.08%), not more than 2% silicon dioxide and calcium silicate added to prevent caking.

Cure Ingredients: Salt, 6.25% Sodium Nitrite, FD&C Red #3 (For Color), And Less Than 2% Silicon Dioxide As A Processing Aid.

MSG Free

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